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The aforementioned | Thereafter

Smirnoff, Schmirnoff

So, the main difference between being a bit tipsy and absolutely, utterly plastered, other than alcohol intake--volume and concentration, is a throbbing headache.

For me, at least.


This is what age does to the petulance of youth. 

It makes you regret things like "it's only 4%" or "one more isn't going to kill me."

It bloody may well.

And I'm only--not tipsy, but certainly not sober.  And given that my throbbing headache starts to pulsate when I move my head and makes me kind of wish the floor would pull me down to make the aching stop, I am clearly reminded that I am way out of practice.

I can still clearly recall happily shooting 12-year-old scotch in between the SO teaching me to make a Cape Codder and a White Russian.  Ah, the halcyon days of my youth that consisted of a high metabolism, ability to function on less than three hours of sleep, and the worst mistake I could make concerning alcohol was throwing a salted martini olive into a glass of straight midori--there's sweet and salty and then there's the one combination of alcohol that had my stomach turning.

For Christ's sake, it was only Ice, the cherry lime flavor which is pretty good.  But a few bottles should not account for the painful redistribution of my mental faculties...

Oh, crashed my laptop--hooked a series of 12-volt car batteries to the dodder board and various other bits before the SO realized the leads were bad.  Which means that the previous three batteries he used were still good and had not blown a fuse.  Then dropped it on it's end on concrete a few times.  It's nearly two pieces.  :-D

The drinking came afterwards, for your information--though, in retrospect, the headache started before, so maybe I still have a healthy tolerance for alcohol?

Ah, the laptop is under warrantee--I'm the statistic in which businesses actually lose profit when they charge me for the extended warrantee.  :-D  And proud!

Am hoping that they'll give up and just replace it with a different model--evidently, my compy is pretty good in terms of specs, but the thermal design left much to be desired.  The SO was astonished that the stickers with pertinent information concerning the laptop on the bottom were warped of text and partially melted.  But it's warm!

That being done, we watched Rango.

It was a cute movie--I originally wrote it off with disinterest because I'm really not a fan of reptiles and other creepies that populate the cast of the movie, but the SO bought it.

The humor, it seemed to me, was more black and geared towards adult audiences--but recalling the attention span of the family's spawn and assuming it's translatable to the spawn of others, I'd guess they would be distracted with the pretty colors and impressive animation and not bother with asking why the parents' were laughing.

I do kind of regret knowing that Johnny Depp was the lead voice actor because I'm wondering if it was intentional or serendipitous that some of the dialogue and one scene in particular emulated previous movies he'd been in.  I doubt I would have made the connections that I did if I didn't know he was in the movie.

But it was still enjoyable.

I may have something relevant to say concerning this at another time, but the throbbing in my head and the cricket in the kitchen have synchronized and so I must either kill the cricket or sleep.

The latter seems to be much more reasonable, especially at this hour.