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The aforementioned | Thereafter

Huh... Word limits, imagine that...

This was tagged at the end of my tirade, earlier, but perhaps it's for the best that I separate it.  There were far too many tangents in my rambling...whatever it was...  That must be why I'm always so lost when I'm supposed to write only a page or two--I don't know how to be succinct with subjectivity.


Yay, I remembered my password!  No more anonymous reviews...or none at all...at least no legitimate excuse for the former...

So, I’m thinking that I need to be more active—not just a passive reader…  So, I’m going to try and make an effort to review movies and books and just stuff in general.  I know I made such grand proclamations in my introduction, but, I really mean it this time.  Sort of.  Anyway, not all of them will be this…bitchy and whiny.  I’m thinking I should go with bullet points.

I’m not exactly a cinematic connoisseur, but I’d like to know why Siskel , the guy that replaced him, and Ebert are.  And if they can say that Mr. & Mrs. Smith was good, then I can say whatever the hell I want as long as it’s with confidence.  For the record, it wasn’t bad, but it’s not good—I only liked the song “Mondo Bongo,” but to be fair I just may have some kind of personal vendetta against Jolie.  She may have wronged me in a past life, I’m not sure.  But just everything between the actions scenes were tediously drawn out—it was like watching Smallville’s Clark and Lois trying to have some kind of intimately romantic telepathic conversation after the camera remains awkwardly on them for like 20 seconds after they finished their lines—tedious.

Oh, and hopefully, I’m back.